Winner of our brand-new Audi A3 Sportback!

Jenny Maughan

On 31st December 2020 the day came when we picked the winner of our brand-new Audi A3. Jenny Maughan was the lucky winner of this stylish car and just recently, she has collected the brand new car from Connolly's Garage in Ballina. Congratulations Jenny, best of luck and safe motoring!

Annex - Photo at front of school for web

Our Team and the F1 in Schools Competition

We are Annex Racing from St. Muredach's College, Ballina and we are participating in the 2020/21 F1 in Schools World Finals. We are collaborating with a team from Germany (Wi vom Dörp) and will be known as Nine Degrees Racing for the World Finals.
The F1 in Schools competition is one of the largest STEM challenges in the world as it is open to over 23 million students across 45 different countries. Teams must design, manufacture and race and 1:20 scale model of an F1 car. These cars race down a straight 20 metre track in just one second. They are propelled by an 8 gram CO2 canister and can reach speeds of 115km/h in just 0.3 of a second.



Who We Are


Niall Treacy

Team Manager / Graphic Designer

Niall is in charge of the overall management of the team and
makes sure that all project work is distributed appropriately and
completed on time. Niall is also our graphic designer, responsible
for creating our distinct brand image and showcasing it in every
aspect of our project. He ensures our graphics are of excellent
quality and seeks advice from teachers, parents and team
members. Niall works alongside Ben to bring his designs to life
through manufacturing, for example the pit display.

Ben Maloney

Design & Manufacturing Engineer

Ben is in charge of designing and manufacturing the car to be
as streamlined and aerodynamic as possible. In addition, he
is responsible for resources and manufacturing. This includes
liaising with Niall to determine what materials are required for
the pit display and then with Cian to ensure that the funds are
available for purchase. He is required to bring the design to life
through the manufacturing process along with making sure that
the car complies with all regulations.


Harry Regan

Sponsorship & PR Manager

Harry is responsible for the overall management of marketing,
sponsorship and all public relations activities. It is very important
for Harry to fulfil his role to the best of his ability so that all
marketing events are recognised on our various social media
platforms aswell as other media outlets. He then ensures
all public relations remain positive. Harry is responsible for
publicising our team brand. He works with all team members to
promote our brand and strategise for different marketing events.
TQM is vital in ensuring he reaches his targets.

Cian Newcombe

Finance Manager

Cian is responsible for approaching and communicating with
all of our sponsors regarding finance and he also manages our
team finances. He ensures the team are aware of the financial
funds available to bring the different aspects of our project to
life. He works to the highest standards through discussions with
team members and professionals in the relevant fields. He works
alongside Ben in funding car materials and Harry when executing
marketing ideas and creating a unique brand for the team.


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